astounded by the inconceivable vision…

St Basil the Blessed at Prayer: Part 3 of the Triptych “Holy Rus” (Sergei Kirillov, 1994)

It is impossible to detect the actual process of our inner growth.  I think this may be because our spirit thirsts for ‘those things which cannot be shaken’ (Heb. 12:27) – that are not subject to progression.  A life of profound prayer is a combination of our natural upsurges towards the eternal Being and the eternal Being’s descent to us.  When the One true God reveals Himself to us we are introduced into the sphere of His Being and undergo a radical alteration in our whole self not to be defined in ordinary language.  We are too circumscribed to contain the gift completely.  Nevertheless, our heart experiences an indescribable harmony of love, and the mind falls silent astounded by the inconceivable vision.  

Blessed Sophrony Sakharov

“Spiritual Life,” On Prayer, Rosemary Edmonds (tr), Stavropegic Monastery of Saint John the Baptist, Essex, England, p. 81.

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One thought on “astounded by the inconceivable vision…

  1. When the mind is restored to the heart, the passions quieted are no longer masters but servants, the human person is set in order, restored to pristine unity…and the vision of God is restored.

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