NursetheMurse… Please help if you can


This is the page for Rdr Daniel Armstrong. A wonderful young man who is fighting cancer. Daniel is also the choir director at my Church, Holy Theophany Orthodox Church in Colorado Springs.

I will have a link in the side bar of Christ is in our midst for those who would like to help.

Thank you,

In Christ,

handmaid leah

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One thought on “NursetheMurse… Please help if you can

  1. I have a shrine kit from a church in Charlotte, NC. The name of the church is St. Nektarios Greek Orthodox Church. St. Nektarios is the Patron Saint of cancer patients. May miracles have occurred through using the Holy water & oil in the kits. I will send one to Reader Daniel, if I can have a land address, so i know where to send it. Or if you prefer, I can send it to Handmaid Leah. Either way, my email address is ~ Lynn

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