contemplate with faith the mystery…

Mikhail Nesterov's Annunciation 1911

Mikhail Nesterov’s Annunciation 1911

Let us contemplate with faith the mystery of the divine Incarnation… For who, relying on the power of rational demonstration, can explain how the conception of the divine Logos took place? …How was there an engendering without loss of maidenhood?  How did a mother, after giving birth remain a virgin? …How was He Who was pure baptized?  How did He Who was hungry give sustenance?  How did He Who was weary impart strength?  How did He Who suffered dispense healing?  How did He Who was dying bestow life?  And, to put the most important last, how did God become a man? …Faith alone can embrace these mysteries, for it is faith that makes real for us things beyond intellect and reason.

~Saint Maximos the Confessor

hat tip: Daily Dynamis Church Fathers Wisdom

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