one method of curing the soul…

Holy Angel of Hesychia

Holy Angel of Hesychia

One of the fundamental methods of curing the soul is stillness in the full sense of the word.  I believe that we have already made this clear.  Contemporary man is seeking healing for his life, especially for his inner condition, precisely because he is over-strained.  Therefore one of the messages which Orthodoxy can offer to the contemporary weary, discouraged and floundering world is the message of silence.  I think that the Orthodox tradition has a great deal to offer in this area.

~Hierotheos Vlachos: Hesychia as a Method of Healing, ”Orthodox Psychotherapy”

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One thought on “one method of curing the soul…

  1. Someone sent this to me and it was very providential. I am quite blessed to read this as my soul needed to hear this. I also pinned this to share. Have a grace-filled day. ~Theresa

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