the sign of holy dispassion is…

If the definition of gluttony is to force oneself to eat even without hunger, the definition of restraint is to hold nature in check when it hungers without blame….If the sea of wrath consists of losing your temper even when no one is around, the ocean of longsuffering is to remain peaceful when your slanderer is present….If the sign of complete dispassion is to give way to all the suggestions of the demons, I think that the sign of holy dispassion is to be able to say clearly, ‘When the evil one left me, I didn’t know it, neither when he came, nor why, nor how he left, but I am totally insensitive to this, because I am now and will be in the future united with God….A king’s crown isn’t made of a single stone and dispassion isn’t perfected as long as we leave a single virtue, no matter how common, undeveloped.

~Dumitru Staniloae, Orthodox Spirituality, Archimandrite Jerome Newville and Otilia Kloos (trs), Saint Tikhon Seminary Press, South Canaan, PA, p. 186.

hat tip: Church Fathers Wisdom (Daily Dynamis)

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