God withdrew the trial…

Desert Father’s Wisdom:

At the Cells there was a brother upon whom trials fell. When the others saw him, they did not greet him or take him into their cells, and when he needed bread, no one supplied him with any, and when he returned from the harvest, no one invited him to church for the meal as was customary. Coming back from the harvest once he had not even any bread in his cell, and he thanked God for all this. Seeing his endurance, God withdrew the warfare of this trial from him. Someone came and knocked on his door, with a camel laden with bread, coming from Egypt. But the brother began to weep and to say, “Lord, was I not worthy to bear a little affliction for your name’s sake?” And when the trial was over, the brethren received him in their cells and welcomed him in the church.

Holy Theophany Orthodox Church’s Sunday Bulletin

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