Elder Arsenios on True Fasting…

ELDER ARSENIOS (Arsenie) Papacioc (b. 1914) was among those arrested in 1958 with Dumitru Staniloae, for resisting the spread of Communism in his native Romania.

He moved from monastery to monastery under the uncertain conditions of the government of the day, and as Abbot of the Slatina Monastery underwent repeated imprisonment and even torture. He is revered as one of the foremost spiritual fathers of the Romanian Orthodox Church.

2 thoughts on “Elder Arsenios on True Fasting…

  1. Handmaid Leah I have in my mind that you are near Colorado Springs (don’t know why)… prayers for you and all those affected by the fires.

    • We are outside of Colorado Springs but do all of our business in Colorado Springs and our Church is there, not too far from the fire, maybe just a couple of miles away. Thank you for the prayers, they have helped tremendously.

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