the light of faith…

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit is an immaterial fire: the light of faith, the warmth of love, the tongues of fire that speak in the heart of God’s Law… He awakens us from the world’s charms, leads us to hope in God, and encourages us toward repentance. If we do not prevent His action, He directs us along the narrow path of self-denial… Grace transforms everything it touches into a priceless treasure… But others do not wait, they do not ask for the gifts of the Holy Spirit; they remain in their heedless idleness, content with ordinary worldly uprightness, outwardly fulfilling their Christian obligations… This is all pharisaical… Only God can create a clean heart in us, and we need to be born from above in order to see the Kingdom of Heaven (Jn. 3:3)… For now, God preserves His Church’s existence, and the Holy Spirit still abides in it… Just as at the creation of the world He moved across the waters, so also now, He moves across the abyss of our shattered nature… We shall give ourselves over to the almighty operation of the Holy Spirit and call out to Him from the depth of our fallen nature: O Heavenly King!..

~St. Philaret of Moscow

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