on the envious…

7 Deadly Sins + Envy by Blackeri

Behold how harmful and soul-destroying is envy, ever wishing harm to others.  The envious is ready to harm himself, if only his neighbor might be harmed twice as much.   We have presented an advanced degree of envy.  But it, too, like other passions, has varying degrees and sizes; and therefore we should strive to squash and expel it at the first sensation, praying to God, the all- powerful Seer of Hearts, with the Psalmists words: “from my secret sins cleanse me, and from those of others spare Thy servant” (Ps. 18:12).  Also, with humility we must confess this infirmity to our spiritual father.  The third means [to overcome envy] is to try in every way never to say anything bad about any person that we envy.  Using these means we can, with God’s help, be healed of the infirmity of envy, though it may not be right away.

~Elder Ambrose of Optina

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