heart and soul…

Alexey Shalaev’s Candle (1993)

The heart is cold when the thoughts are scattered and when the soul is not at home but wanders about.  When the soul is at home, it warms the heart.  As soon as it leaves its home it receives blows.  It receives blows from thoughts when it is away from home.  One thought is accepted, another is rejected…and of course the heart is torn asunder and it grows cold, as though saying,  ‘This does me no good and that does me no good either…”  All of this wounds one from the inside and the heart is burdened.  But when the soul comes home, when it is reconciled with the Lord, then the Lord is the center of one’s life and there is a feeling of goodness and warmth.  We are scattered and broken, and only the Lord can make us whole again by His Grace.

~Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

3 thoughts on “heart and soul…

  1. Leah, we read this in young adult group last night and I was trying to track it down online — funny that I would google “elder thaddeus of vitovnica soul heart home” (because that’s all I could remember), and your blog is the one I found it on! Haha. Love you!
    – Caitlin:)

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