Don’t give up!

Icon~ St John the Forerunner Preaching in Hades

Don’t give up!  No matter how little you are, no matter how tired, you mustn’t give up.  For, I repeat, no misfortune means anything.  Nothing is lost as long as faith is established, the soul doesn’t surrender, and you raise your head again!  God forbid that you be sad!  Don’t’ be afraid!  It’s true, one’s thought should be in hell and in hell only (from Saint Silouan).  But hope should be with God without ceasing, thinking that He greatly loves us….God is more intimate with us than we are!  When you think about this, you fill yourself with hope.  But, our deeds, no matter how amazingly good, can’t save us.  They can’t erase anything.  And, no doubt, we’re sinners, but with hope.  Hope – this is it!

~Elder Arsenie (Papacioc)

“A Final Visit with Elder Cleopa,” Eternity Hidden in the Moment
The Orthodox Word, Vol. 47, No. 6 (281), Saint Herman of Alaska Brotherhood, Platina, CA, November 2011, p. 299.

hat tip: Dynamis ~ Church Fathers Wisdom

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