tale of a young man who conquered…

There once lived in the city, it was said, a young man who committed many and frightful sins. However, this young man was piercingly censured by his conscience …. and with the help of God came to repentance …. When he had passed a week in this state of unrelenting and persistent repentance, demons …. gathered around …. shouting …. ‘Will you not get up from there at all? Will you not come with us to your customary places of sin and depravity? Fallen women and wine await you – will you not come to indulge your desires?’ …. Meanwhile, however, the young man persisted in the sorrow of repentance and, appearing not to hear the exhortations of the demons did not answer them at all. So the demons …. fell upon him, beat him cruelly, and when they had thoroughly wounded him, left him half-dead. The following night, the demons attacked him and tormented him even more greatly …. The third night he almost died from the cruel torments of the demons, who attacked him with greater severity than all the other times …. After that, the demons, having accomplished nothing, with their threats and torments… departed and left him alone. Fleeing from him, they cried madly: ‘He conquered us! He conquered us! He conquered us!’ From that time on, nothing bad happened to the youth, rather, with a clean conscience he came to realize every virtue. Until the end of his life, he remained in the tomb, which he made his hermitage, coming to be honored by God with the gifts of miraculous deeds.

~Holy Palladios

hat tip: Dynamis ~ Church Fathers Wisdom

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