Wisdom from St Gregorios…

  • “Be rich in love of man and love of God. Brothers should never cheat each other. When you move away from unity you are sure to move away from God .”

  • “Forgiveness is strength. It gives a person a good name. It is the distinguishing feature of righteous people “.

  • “It is not spiritual wisdom to try to conquer the enemy with evil than with virtue. If you depend on the God of Truth and go out with a truthful heart, God will accomplish things for you.”

~St Gregorios Geevarghese, popularly known as “PARUMALA THIRUMENI”
spotted on Holy Fathers (facebook)

One thought on “Wisdom from St Gregorios…

  1. Glory to God . The teachings of one of the two fathers that the Church in India has declared officially as Saint has found its way here. May all the Saints known and unknown watch over each of us and seek His mercy

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