what the heart longs for…

Mikhail Nesterov's On Volga 1906

Mikhail Nesterov’s On Volga 1906

The Lord looks at the inner depth of the heart, at what the heart longs for and what it desires.  And if He sees that a soul cannot come home, the Lord will in His own time, cleanse it and draw it to the center and the soul will find peace.  However, if in the innermost part of the heart there is something unclean, something that is attracted to this world and is bound to it, then our wandering will last a long time and we will endure much sorrow and suffering.  We who are, so to speak, pious, will have more sorrow than those who are not.  This is because they do not feel inner pain, they give thought not to eternity but only to things of this world: enjoyment, food, drink….Their attention is entirely focused on this, whereas ours is divided: we want to be with the Lord, yet we have not let go of material things; our heart is still attached to them and we are not free.  It is for this reason that we suffer a lot.

~Elder Thaddeus of Vitovnica

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