Save O Lord Thy People!

phonetically: Spasi Gospodi Lyudi Tvoya i Blagoslovi Dostoyaniye Tvoye Pobedi Praboslavnim Khristianom Na Soprotivnya Darooya i Tvoe Sokhranyaya Krestom Tvoym Zhitel’stvo

English text of the same Troparion -OCA

O, Lord, save Thy people,

And bless Thine inheritance.

Grant victory to the Orthodox Christians,

Over their adversaries,

And by virtue of Thy cross,

preserve Thine habitation.

Slavonic Troparion:

Спаси, Господи, люди Твоя

и благослови достояние Твое

победы православным христианом

на сопротивныя даруя

и Твое сохраняя

Крестом Твоим жительство.

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4 thoughts on “Save O Lord Thy People!

  1. “Sogrotivnyam” should be “Soprotivnya” and “Zhitelbslvo” should be “Zhitel’stvo”. Other than that, very nice. Best wishes.

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