that’s where I was…

“The entire day, Father Joachim from St. Anne’s (on Mt. Athos) would pray without stopping. Whether at work or sitting or conversing with anyone, he managed to keep always in contact with God. He would say sweetly, “If you take away from a monk his prayer, then you deprive him of the right to feel that he is truly a child of God.”
Frequently he would visit us while we were working on our obedience tasks and would ask us if we were praying the Jesus Prayer or saying the salutations to Panagia. He rarely talked, and only then if it were necessary. But he was constantly praying. He had found a peaceful spot in a small forest behind his hut where he could raise his hands to heaven for hours at a time and so with joy communicated with Jesus privately in prayer. And if one were to ask him where he had been delayed, he would reply, “I was at Gethsemane’s Garden; that’s where I was.””

– From An Athonite Gerontikon

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