The mind should be freed…

The mind should be freed and guarded from ignorance, which is most harmful, for it darkens the mind and prevents it from knowing the truth, which is its proper object…There are two means by which we can acquire such clarity of mind: the first and most necessary is prayer, by which we must implore the Holy Spirit to pour His divine light into our hearts.  This He will surely do, if we truly seek God alone and sincerely strive to obey His will in everything. willingly submitting in all affairs to the advice of our experienced spiritual fathers and doing nothing without asking them.  The second method of exercising the mind is always to examine things and probe deep for knowledge of them, in order to see clearly which of them are good and which bad… For if this examination and deepening of knowledge is right and proper, it will quite certainly enable us to understand clearly that we must with all our heart regard as valueless, vain, and false, all that the blind and depraved world loves and seeks.

~Unseen Warfare

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