A story of the Divine Christ-child…


from the Prologue of Ohrid:


A story of the Divine Christ-child: Both great prophets, Isaiah and Jeremiah, prophesied that the Lord would come to Egypt and that His presence would shake the pagan temples and destroy the idols. Isaiah wrote: Behold, the Lord rideth upon a swift cloud and shall come into Egypt: and the idols of Egypt shall be moved at His presence (Isaiah 19:1, cf. Jeremiah 43:12-13). When the divine refugees came to the city of Hermopolis (Cairo), they approached a pagan temple, and all the idols in that temple suddenly fell down and were shattered. St. Palladius writes of this in his Lausiac History: “We saw the pagan temple there, in which all the carved idols fell to the ground at the coming of the Savior.” In a certain place called Sirin there were 365 idols. When the Most-holy Virgin entered that temple with the Divine Child in her arms, all these idols fell down and were shattered. All the idols throughout Egypt fell in the same manner. The Holy Prophet Jeremiah, living in Egypt in old age, had prophesied to the pagan priests of Egypt that all the idols would fall and all the graven images would be destroyed at the time when a Virgin Mother with a Child, born in a manger, would come to Egypt. The pagan priests remembered well this prophecy. In accordance with it, they carved out a representation of a Virgin as she lay on a bed and, next to her in a manger, her young Child wrapped in swaddling clothes; and they venerated this representation. King Ptolemy asked the pagan priests what this representation meant, and they replied that it was a mystery, foretold by a prophet to their fathers, and that they were awaiting the fulfillment of this mystery. And, indeed, this mystery was fulfilled, and revealed not only in Egypt but also in the entire world.

3 thoughts on “A story of the Divine Christ-child…

  1. Leah, this article has no more substance to it than if I were to (foolishly) suggest that there are fairies living at the bottom of the garden. If I were to predict a major earthquake within the next 10 years, and it happens, would that make me a god? No. If I were to predict, (and I do!) that we will find evidence for life-forms on Mars, and this also turns out to be true, would THAT make me a god? No. So really your article is about wish-fulfillment, and not any kind of reality. Kind regards.

    • This story has nothing at all to do with your ability to predict anything, nor has it anything to do with those predictions making you a god.
      It has to do with God’s prophecies as written in Isaiah and Jeremiah and of Christ’s fulfillment of those prophecies. Did everything occur as related in this story? I do not know, nor do I care. Jesus is the fulfillment of those prophecies and that is true for everyone.
      Christ is born! Glorify Him!

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